Marc Erwin Babej, Mask of Perfection Portfolio

Upper Level, West Galleries While some cling to traditional values, others seek to avail themselves of every technological advance that might lead to happiness. Physical perfection is now as close as the nearest plastic surgeon. New York-based photographer Marc Erwin Babej reflects how exacting the criteria of ideal beauty have become.

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Motion:Emotion looks at the scope of movement, with subject matter ranging from the subtleties of the earth’s rotation and time to human and animal activity. The show also includes five electronic works. Peter Sarkisian’s Book, Version I, for instance, features a dictionary on which the image of a man crawls about, penciling in corrections he […]

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Who We Are

Lower Level, West Gallery We are amazingly diverse. We come in all shapes, all sizes, all shades. But hidden in these many differences are constant likenesses that unite us into a lasting community of people.

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